[AIMS-020] Sato Kokoa 佐藤ここあ – Pure Girl

[AIMS-020] Sato Kokoa 佐藤ここあ – Pure Girl

Release Date: 2020/11/20 | Media Brand MBDメディアブランド

可愛さの中にどことなく妖艶なセクシーさをあわせ持つ新人グラビアモデル【佐藤ここあ】ちゃんの初めてデビュー作品!  ごくごく普通の可愛い女の子が、グラビアDVDに初挑戦。 初々しくも明るい笑顔がとても眩しいここあちゃん、可愛くセクシー過ぎる水着で色んなポーズにチャレンジします。戸惑いつつも水着を脱いで、手ぶらへ‥。悩殺Tバックで魅せる美ヒップも見逃せません!

The first debut work of a new gravure model [Kokoa Sato] who has somehow bewitching sexyness in cuteness! A very ordinary cute girl challenges the gravure DVD for the first time. Cocoa-chan, who has a very dazzling bright smile, will challenge various poses with her cute and sexy swimsuit. Although I was confused, I took off my swimsuit and went empty-handed. Don’t miss the beautiful hips that are fascinated by the bombshell T-back!

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