[APRI-0038] Misa Kurihara 栗原みさ – ギュッとして!

[APRI-0038] Misa Kurihara 栗原みさ – ギュッとして!

Release Date: 2018/05/31 | Grasso グラッソ


Misa Kurihara’s latest image work that she likes to play, gravure, creatures, and eat. She is 145 cm tall and is a cute girl who wants to hug her tightly. Her charm point is “her eyes are crisp” and “Kuchibir is naughty”, she aims to be a talent loved by everyone who can handle gravure, play and talk. Please enjoy the powerful image of fair-skinned E-cup milk from petite.

APRI-0038.1080p.mp4.md.jpg APRI-0038.mp4.md.jpg

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