[BUNO-041] Ui Mita 三田羽衣 – Love Is Full of Danger 恋は危険がいっぱい

[BUNO-041] Ui Mita 三田羽衣 – Love Is Full of Danger 恋は危険がいっぱい

Release Date: 2017-10-25 | Uno ウーノ


A mysterious Japanese woman married to a dubious overseas millionaire “I” (Hagoromo Mita) “I” was supposed to have a wonderful new life, but the millionaire had one foolishness with his ex-wife. An erotic drama mystery in which the brilliant director Nakakita draws a new life by a strange three people with 99.9% eros and 0.1% suspense! Lol All gravure fans were deceived by the identity and impact last of “I” revealed at the end …! (Google translation*)

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