[CPSKY-160] Miku Takaoka 高岡未來 – 14歳 中3 競泳水着SP

[CPSKY-160] Miku Takaoka 高岡未來 – 14歳 中3 競泳水着SP

Release Date: 2010/05/14 | Athena Music Publishing アテナ音楽出版


This time, we will challenge athletes by wearing full-length swimsuits! The exclusive video with plenty of new swimsuits will be released! You can meet the new appearance of Miku Takaoka with this one! Complete preservation of fans’ long-awaited There is no doubt that it will be a version !!

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| MP4 | 720×480 | 1.04 GB | 52 mins

CPSKY-160.m4v (1070.0 Mb)

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