[DAPD-003] Abeno Miku – A Nice And Meaty Cosplayer

[DAPD-003] ガチ催眠×素人レイヤー 3 うし◯まいい肉コス 人格矯正洗脳「野外指パッチン」でオシッコ噴射タンツボ&首絞め中出し人間廃業ドM調教アヘ顔白目

Real Hypnotism x An Amateur Cosplayer 3 A Nice And Meaty Cosplayer This Maso Bitch IS Undegroing Personality Rectifying Brainwashing And Now Will **** Outdoors With The Snap Of A Finger And Squirt A Geyser Of **** And Spit And Loves To Get Choked In Creampie Human Business Cessation Breaking In Mind Blowing Eye Rolling Sex

DAPD 003.0

ID: DAPD-003
Release Date: 2013-12-27
Length: 151 min(s)
Maker: Tma
Label: Doujin Akiba Shuppan
サークル 同人アキバ出版
Doujin Akiba Publishing Gachi Hypnosis
Doujin Cosplay Parady AV
Genre(s): Cosplay,Creampie,Amateur,Training,Hypnosis
Cast: Abeno Miku 阿部乃みく


| MP4 | 854×480 | 2.14 GB | 2 hrs 31 mins

| Download Links
DAPD-003.mp4 (2196.3 Mb)


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    • eri on June 14, 2020 at 11:31 pm
    • Reply

    Download link is broken. Please check it.

    1. Re-uploaded and others too. Sorry for the delay. Some issues because of Covid Lockdown.

  1. I just wanted to comment here since this studio does not actually list the actress name on their product or in the store. Most Hunter vids don’t do this either, that field is usually blank.

    This is not Abeno Miku.

    Her face looks similiar, but she has much bigger and droopier breasts then Abeno, who is herself a perky B-cup at most and never changed this.

    The voice is also different, and I compared freckles and birthmarks that don’t match, to be completely sure that it wasn’t some old video before pre plastic op or something.
    I used Abeno’s debut and other early known works from the same period to compare. And I have no dubt that this is not her.

    As far as i know Abeno only fixed her teeth very early on even though they looked fine, changing them to those perfectly lined up plasticky looking ones. Noa Eikawa did the same unfortunately.

    This other video on you site is of the same actress as this, linked to it in the field below.
    I have no idea who this is though, many girls try AV but only make a couple of vids so I think this is one of those.

    Sorry for the long comment, aswell if im wrong about this, despite being very certain.

    Other vid is this one, same girl as here, but again not miku.


    1. OK I just searched in getchu where I get the info but strangely there is no actress name there. You must be correct, “This is not Abeno Miku” .

      May be I got this video with the name on it. I will look into this more but seriously, thank you very much for your detailed information.

      Like to put STAR tag on your comment but don’t have fancy comment plugin. May be I add it just for you 🙂

        • Anonymous on July 17, 2021 at 7:57 pm
        • Reply

        Haha, I think I overanalyzed it a bit 🙂

        But then again, think of Fukada Eimi. She used to be called Amami Kokoro and looked like a plain jav actress. Then she changed her hair, had surgery on her nose, cheeks and eyes, new plastic teeth and went from an A or B cup to an oversized E.

        Despite being top 3 on popularity listings, a lot of people think that she looks like an alien at this point. Maybe she is well liked in Japan for having a westernized apparence.

        I did not actually realise that it was the name person, until both of her aliases were listed in the info section of one of her videos.

        I just think of this when I come across vids like these, if you know what I mean.

        Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well

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