[ENFD-4090] Polina ポリーナ – FASHION モスクワ発 ロシアンスーパーモデル

[ENFD-4090] Polina ポリーナ – FASHION モスクワ発 ロシアンスーパーモデル / Russian Supermodel From Moscow

Release Date: 2006/05/25 | E-NET FRONTIER (イーネット・フロンティア)


An image DVD series in which a popular Russian model shows their record their body. This work is edited by the 21-year-old popular model “Zorochinskaya Polina”, which represents the local haute couture world. She takes off her gorgeous model-like costume and boldly shows off her beautiful naked body.

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| MP4 | 612×458 | 635 MB | 54 mins

ENFD-4090.mp4 (635.3 Mb)

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