[FEIR-0052] Ayana Nishinaga 西永彩奈 Haruka Momokawa 百川晴香 – Lovers

[FEIR-0052] Ayana Nishinaga 西永彩奈 Haruka Momokawa 百川晴香 – Lovers

Release Date: 2011/12/16 | フェアリー


Ayana Nishinaga and Haruka Momokawa, who are good friends and good rivals even in private. With the girls exploding on such a youth highway, the fans’ enthusiastic voices finally made it possible to co-star. Playing in gym clothes and school swimsuits really conveys the goodness of the two ☆ In the scene where the two are sleeping on the bed a little sexy, the excitement does not stop at the adultness! Don’t miss the hot co-starring of the two, which you can rarely see !!

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