[JMDV-073] Swimming Race Bathing Suit Fetishism 競泳水着フェティシズム

[JMDV-073] Swimming Race Bathing Suit Fetishism 競泳水着フェティシズム

ID: JMDV-073
Released date: 2005/07/22
Maker: 日本メディアサプライ / デジタルグラビア Digital Gravure
Genre: Idol & Celebrity, Swimming, Swimsuit, Fetishism, Swimsuit Fetish


Japan’s first swimsuit fetishism video by 165cmOVER tall beautiful legs. A bikini line that cuts out, a cut in the back, a mekoji in an H pose, and a hip line in the sitting position … Get everything you wanted to see from a swimsuit enthusiast from an incredible angle!


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| AVI | 704×576 | 876 MB | 57 mins

JMDV-073.avi (876.3 Mb)

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