[JMDV-090] Swimming Race Bathing Suit Fetishism 4

[JMDV-090] Swimming Race Bathing Suit Fetishism 4 競泳水着フェティシズム4

ID: JMDV-090
Released date: 2006-01-20
Maker: 日本メディアサプライ / デジタルグラビア Digital Gravure
Genre: Idol & Celebrity, Swimming, Swimsuit, Fetishism, Swimsuit Fetish


The fourth in the popular “Swimsuit Fetishism” series. This time, beautiful girls in their teens, 20s, and 30s appeared in small swimsuits. In particular, girls in their twenties are so tensioned that they can make a spot on the dick while shooting. A series fan can not miss.


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