[JSSJ-085] Hatsuna Yamada 山田初夏 – 純粋少女 ~ハニカミ美少女のすべて~

[JSSJ-085] Hatsuna Yamada 山田初夏 – 純粋少女 ~ハニカミ美少女のすべて~

Release Date: 2013/10/18 | Media Brand MBDメディアブランド


A neat and very fresh younger sister idol “Hatsuna Yamada” has appeared in the pure girl series! Early summer, the owner of a pure smile that makes you want to hug, takes off her uniform while being shy and shows off her small bikini generously! If you stare at it with straight eyes full of transparency, you will be thrilled! He will show you various bold poses with his cute buttocks turned over here!

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