[JSSJ-117] Mei Itokawa 糸川芽生 – Black-haired Girl 全力黒髪少女

[JSSJ-117] Mei Itokawa 糸川芽生 – Black-haired Girl 全力黒髪少女

Release Date: 2014/08/22 | Media Brand MBDメディアブランド


A 16-year-old simple beautiful girl “Mei Itokawa” makes her shocking debut in a bold tiny T-bikini from the first! T-bikini showed off her bold pose while blushing her cheeks, her first challenge in her life. I was thrilled by the gap between her gentle and deep eyes that seemed to be sucked in and her toddler’s body shape! The [Inexperienced Zone] where the gentle and innocent Mei-chan challenged the limits is a must-see!

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