[KIDM-1006B] Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼 – BLUE WING

[KIDM-1006B] Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼 – BLUE WING

ID: KIDM-1006B / KIDM-1006
Release Date: 2021/08/27 | Kingdom キングダム


The latest image of Tsubasa Akimoto, a short-cut beauty. Contrary to the orthodox appearance, radical poses are repeated! I challenged to the limit with see-through costumes. Includes special chapters only for BD.


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| HD MP4 | 720×1280 | 1.33 GB | 1 hr 34 mins (Vertical Video)

KIDM-1006B_Vertical.mp4 (1362.7 Mb)

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