[LPBR-1002] Umika Kawashima 川島海荷 – Chu!ら海荷

[LPBR-1002] Umika Kawashima 川島海荷 – Churaumini / Chu!ら海荷

ID: LPBR-1002
Release Date: 2013-11-22
Running Time: 60 minutes
Title: Churaumini Chuら海荷
Actress(es): Umika Kawashima 川島海荷
Manufacturer: Liverpool リバプール


The image of Umika Kawashima, who is widely used in commercials and movies. Umika Kawashima came to Okinawa in search of the forgotten “summer”. A smile that blends into the lush sky and sea of Okinawa and spills naturally. Please see the “16-year-old summer vacation” frolicking in the sea, pool, and Ferris wheel ♪

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