[MBR-AA050] Misa Misaki 岬美沙 – Idol Egg. アイドルたまご。

[MBR-AA050] Misa Misaki 岬美沙 – Idol Egg. アイドルたまご。

MBR AA050.0

Release Date: 2017/01/27
Manufacturers: Spice Visual スパイスビジュアル / SmashTV.


“Idol egg.” A close-up shot of a very young baby-faced idol [First time]. I packed a lot of [Misa-chan]’s first time, whose heart and body can’t become adults. The innocence of not knowing right or left, the embarrassment of gravure shooting and the embarrassment of being seen, but the hard work of idols struggling to be seen by many people can only be seen in the state shortly after their debut. A precious situation where you can’t do anything! In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to support Misa-chan, who worked hard to reach the limit of sheer bikini! Please accept Misa-chan’s best!


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    Hi re-up?

    1. Re-uploaded 🙂

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