[MMR-110] Minami Narusawa 成沢みなみ – Nu Image

[MMR-110] Minami Narusawa 成沢みなみ – Nu Image

Release date: 2010/07/16
Maker: Spice visual スパイスビジュアル / MARE
Genre(s): Idol & Celebrity, Swimsuits, Big tits, Tickling, Gravure idol
Cast: Minami Narusawa 成沢みなみ



Big breasts that can not be imagined from the Lori face and 149cm minimum body sway ♪ Soft bust and a must-see book that can enjoy the cute Minami Chan! !

| AVI | 768×432 | 1.22 GB | 1 hr 20 mins

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MMR-110.avi (1252.1 Mb)

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