[MMR-AK085] Erina Asakura 朝倉恵梨奈 – Beautiful Girl Legend Ripe Fruit

[MMR-AK085] Erina Asakura 朝倉恵梨奈 – Beautiful Girl Legend Ripe Fruit 美少女伝説 熟した果実

MMR AK085.0

Release Date: 2017/12/15 | Spice Visual スパイスビジュアル


The latest DVD of [Erina Asakura], who is active in the idol unit [Bishoujo Densetsu] and has cute eyes that are cute, has already appeared! With plump skin and innocence like a peeled egg, a cute pink costume including a school uniform. I can’t stop my heart pounding when I see her in a stewardess outfit and how she’s becoming more mature! Her tight buttocks and beautiful long legs are really beautiful! Wrapped in a pure white corset, she has an expression that only you can see… each and every one of them. You can’t help but be captivated by the sight of Eririn climbing the stairs to adulthood!

MMR-AK085.1080p.mp4.md.jpg MMR-AK085.mp4.md.jpg

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| FHD MP4 | 1920×1080 | 4.14 GB | 1 hr 38 mins

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| HD MP4 | 1280×720 | 1.14 GB | 1 hr 38 mins

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