[MMR-AK089] Ami Sasano 佐々野愛美 & Erina Asakura 朝倉恵梨奈

[MMR-AK089] Ami Sasano 佐々野愛美 & Erina Asakura 朝倉恵梨奈

Beautiful Girl Legend Colored Fruits 美少女伝説色づいた果実達

Release Date: 2018/01/26 | Spice Visual スパイスビジュアル


A miracle once every few years that competed for the top ranking on a major sales site in the month of DVD release [Erina Asakura] Once you see it, it’s over … Addictive [Ami Sasano] The long-awaited co-starring work of fans is finally here !!! In this work, unexpectedly spending three people at a fan meeting? Let me take a peek inside the skirt while spending the day together, and after performing a dance at the maid cafe, ice cream Hospitality. It will be a day of dreamy imagination, such as letting me massage and keeping my eyes on the camera wearing a gravure costume that I have completely dressed in … whispering gently to relieve tension ♪ The surprisingly harmonious sense of balance, such as one for two people, is convincing when you look at it …

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