[TRST-0232] Natsuki Koyama 小山夏希 – Natsuki Pie なつきパイ

[TRST-0232] Natsuki Koyama 小山夏希 – Natsuki Pie なつきパイ

TRST 0232.0

Release Date: 2015/07/31 | グラッソ


She became a finalist of 2013 Miss Young Champion 2013 and was active as “Yanchan Gakuen” formed by finalist members, and she restarted as a freelancer. The latest image work by Natsuki Koyama, a G-cup idol, who made her first appearance on the beauty and big breasts label Apple Pie. Laughing with her baby face narrows her eyes and makes her more and more cute. She shows various expressions with her 90cm bust G-cup as a weapon. On a date with him in a romance simulation, she wears a tiny bikini that has never been seen before, and she does boobs gymnastics, shakes a lot, is washed in the bath, and shows off the soft milk plump G cup body to the fullest. rice field.

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