[SDJS-021] SOD Sex Science Lab Report – The Most Sensual When Licked?

[SDJS-021] 「女性はカラダのどの部位を舐められると最も感じるのか?」をSOD女子社員同士が真面目に検証した結果 柔らかな舌先で性感を高めあい快感が倍増、2分間で平均10回以上持続的オーガズム! SOD性科学ラボ レポート10

“What Part Of A Woman’s Body Makes Her Feel The Most Sensual When Licked?” We Asked All Of Our SOD Female Employees To Take Part In This Study And Here Are The Results These Soft Young Tongues Will Mutually Heighten Their Sensuality And Double Their Pleasure, And In 2 Minutes, They Experience, On Average, Over 10 Orgasms In A Row! An SOD Sex Science Lab Report 10

SDJS 021.0

ID: SDJS-021
Release Date: 2019-05-09
Length: 130 min(s)
Director: Biba☆Gonzo
Maker: SOD Create
Label: SOD Jouko Shain
Genre(s): OL,Lesbian,Humiliation,Slender,Kiss
Cast: Nanami Yua, Hara Sakura, Hazuki Momo, Harashima Sakura, Tomizu Saki, Itou Ayano
出演者: 七海ゆあ 本多ちひろ 原さくら 葉月桃 愛野ももな 井駒みつき 国光紗世 原島さくら 東水咲 伊藤綾乃

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