[SRXV-302] Married Woman Strip Tease

[SRXV-302] Married Woman Strip Tease 人妻ストリップ巨乳くびれ腰 あぁ、麗しの団地妻

Married Woman Strip Big Tits Constricted Waist Ah, Beautiful Apartment Wife

SRXV 302.0

ID: SRXV-302
Release Date: 2005/10/28
Length: 80 min(s)
Director: Kunihiro Hasegawa
Label: Max A マックス・エー
Genre(s): Dance,Married Woman,Young Wife,Big Tits
Cast: Rion Morishita, Leon Natsuki, Ruri Shiratori, Yumi Sawamura
出演者: 森下理音, 菜月レオン, 白鳥るり, 沢村ゆうみ


The tails of the condominium wives who have had husbands who have been flat employees for many years and have spent their days being made fun of by the section chief’s wife have finally come to an end! Four beautiful wives take over the meeting place of the housing complex and strip with their ripe bodies! ? Keep an eye on the strangely erotic waist!


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