[TASKR-036] Nanae Niimi 新見ななえ – Niimi-chan にーみちゃん

[TASKR-036] Nanae Niimi 新見ななえ – Niimi-chan にーみちゃん

TASKR 036.0

Release Date: 2016/03/20 | タスクオフィス


emmys long-awaited third edition! I won’t disappoint you with this little costume this time as well☆The cheerful little sister character Nanae-chan♪
Appeal explodes while being a little embarrassed by the seniors on the other side of the camera! ? In the end, what club was Nanae-chan in?
Shall we? smile. The balance ball that I’m good at swings by making use of the softness of my body! Shake! ! Purity standing in the green
From idol to sexy with a little mood ♪ We will deliver Nanae-chan who is growing up and you can’t miss it.


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