[VRAD-80302] Hikaru Aoyama 青山ひかる – [VR] Episode 2 VR Women’s Dormitory Story

[VRAD-80302] Hikaru Aoyama 青山ひかる – 【VR】2話 VR女子寮物語~青山ひかる~

[VR] Episode 2 VR Women’s Dormitory Story -Hikaru Aoyama-

Release Date:2017/07/28
Maker: S-Digital エスデジタル
Cast: Hikaru Aoyama 青山ひかる


Why don’t you experience the excitement of Hikaru Aoyama with 3D-VR using VR technology? [Synopsis] I became a temporary manager of the women’s dormitory for some reason. I wonder if I can properly control the various troubles and happenings that will start … Hikaru Aoyama came into my room when I woke up in the morning. Hikaru who is flirting while playing with me seems to be fascinated by me.


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