[MMR-AK096] Ami Sasano・Ui Shiino – Peach That Pops 弾けるピーチ

[MMR-AK096] Ami Sasano 佐々野愛美 ・ Ui Shiino 椎野うい – Peach That Pops 弾けるピーチ

佐々野愛美・椎野うい 弾けるピーチ

Release Date: 2018/04/27 | Spice Visual スパイスビジュアル


A co-starring work of “Sasami” [Ami Sasano] and healing marshmallow buddy [Ui Shiino] is now available !! The gap with the elastic and sharp body is irresistible! The fluffy chest that seems to spill from the swimsuit pops, and in the massage scene, Aimi’s skin like fresh mango and Ui’s like smooth soft serve ice cream The skin matches exquisitely, and the mango soft serve ice cream is completed! The splash of water from the swimsuit in the jacuzzi is dazzling! The scene of licking a big candy is more moisturized. I can’t let go of it! Please see the well-balanced co-starring of the slightly grown-up sisters!

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| MKV | 720×404 | 1.4 GB | 1 hr 40 mins

MMR-AK096.mkv (1434.0 Mb)

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